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MII+ Cleanser perfectly cleans your skin with a 2in1 functionality removing all 1-make-up residues and 2-cleansing impurities with instant magic-wipe effect, while keeping the essential contents on the skin.
It prepares your skin to receive sensitive skin treatment, its powerful active ingredients act on to balancing skin pH, skin protection, prevention and repair. MII+ helps to calm the feeling of skin discomfort and to diminish redness caused by skin irritation.
MII+ is Emulsifier free* formula. This makes it very gentle, non-irritating, highly suitable for acne-prone skin and dedicated to the sensitive skin.

Precious MII+ Cleanser - C

  • Apply MII+ to face and neck in the morning and at night using your fingertips or a cotton pad. This formula is suitable to remove eye and face makeup. 
    Cleanse off with tissue or wipes, or rinse off with lukewarm water.