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La Bonne Paris is an innovative French beauty products and spa brand dedicated to offering only high-quality chemical-free products, with worldwide distribution. La Bonne Paris belongs to the Dinz Group of Companies, a business conglomerate and a manufacturer and distributor of the high quality skincare products originally established in 1920, with its current distribution office is in the world-renown brand city ‘Hong Kong’ and R&D office situated in Brest, France. The name C'est La Bonne translates to “It is the Right One” in English, while all development originated in Paris, France in the early days and takes place a quality French production with 100% natural ingredients till today.


La Bonne was founded in 1999 and is currently available in 23 countries. While the Dinz Group of Companies was established in 1920, the skincare segment joined its ranks nearly 80 years later. It came to be when the Dinz family, which had garnered experience in this particular segment, decided to create a naturally simple and practical skincare range of products that would broadcast that “It is the Right One” to the general audience, specifically made for medium-to high-end spas in Asia, the Middle East, Central Europe, and the United States. Since it was established in Paris, France, the city name has become a part of the brand. The idea from the start was to bring out the chic Parisian style on a global scale, the local values reflected through the product lines available. The logo includes the DNA symbol and a leaf, essentially merging science and nature.


The company boasts 100% natural, high quality and chemical-free ingredients, with its research team focusing on advancing solutions for nourishing the skin in an optimal manner. Beauty is placed at the forefront, while each product caters to reducing modern day skin problems. Focusing on the skin glow factor, as well as including hydrolyzed collagens, each product presented is meant to satisfy one’s individual needs, no matter the body section targeted. Furthermore, all within the La Bonne Paris line are paraben-free, including patented formulas enriched with the safest natural ingredients meant to allow one’s beauty to truly shine bright.

La Bonne Paris classifies its products according to target areas:

Face Series

o Skin Whitening Series

o Anti-Aging Series

o Skin Maintenance Series

o Lasting Makeup Series

o Basic Cleansing Series

o Anti-Acne Series

o Body Series

o Firming Series

o Slimming Series

o Anti-Stretch Mark Series

o Bust Series

o Bust Care Series

o Legs Series

o Anti-Cellulite Series


La Bonne Paris has won several quality distinction awards and has received many distinctions over the past few years. It meets GMP standards, is FDA compliant, and 100% naturally manufactured without parabens added to the recipe. With a focus on “simplifying the natural skincare concept,” the French brand has easily worked its way into local and international hotels and resorts, while also available through a wide range of distributors, whole sellers, and agents. Collaborations to enter new markets are constantly being undertaken, ensuring a more global access to their products.

To date, the ‘Signature Assortment’ La Bonne Paris has to offer; has been found to be the spa facials, including the 24K Elite Gold Mask and Elite Jade Mask, alongside the Hydra-Lift Serum. Topping the list of bestsellers are also the Bust Care System and Slimming SDW Series.

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